Ages: 21+

Level: advanced

Non-Member Pricing: $149
Member Pricing: $134.10

3 hour classroom
1 hour range


what to expect

Concealed Carry Level II (NRA Advanced Course) is an in-person advanced level course for students who are interested in carrying a concealed pistol for personal protection. We recommend this course for those who have more than an intermediate level firearms experience with all of the gear necessary to complete the shooting range qualification, but are new to concealed carry concepts.

This class can also be used for ongoing training, Church Security Teams, etc. and the 10 year renewal training if you already have a permit.

Upon successfully passing this course, including knowledge exam and shooting drills (live fire standardized shooting qualification), students will meet NRA CCW national standards and will earn an official certificate of completion.

Discussion Topics:

  • Firearm Safety (Mandatory)
  • Drawing from Concealment
  • Loading and Stoppage Remediation
  • Mindset
  • Shooting Qualification

course materials:

What to Bring

  • Pen/Pencil
  • Note Book
  • Pistol (.380 cal.,9mm, 40 cal., .45 caliber or minimum .38 Special Revolver)
  • Strong leather or tactical belt
  • Outside the waistband Kydex/leather holster
  • Double mag pouch/Speed loader pouch for revolver
  • 2 additional mags (3 magazines total) or 2 speed loaders for revolver
  • 200 rounds of ammunition for your firearmEye & ear
  • protection (prescription eyewear acceptable)
  • Cover Garment

Provided by instructor: 

  • Power Point Presentation
  • Targets for shooting qualification
  • Completion Certificate
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